There is an opportunity for everyone, to be involved with Avazoo Worldwide, and the Billion Dollar Raffle

Thank you for wanting to find out more information about one, or more of the Avazoo promotional programs. However, first let me remind you that everybody that signs up can enter a randomly generated FREE independent raffle to receive one of the 10,000 FREE tickets available that we are given away under our prelaunch program. This is available currently, but as soon as we announce the date that we are starting to sell tickets, this offer will end. So, if you have not already registered, please do so quickly as there are only 10,000 FREE tickets available.

Knowing that Avazoo and the Billion Dollar Raffle could be overwhelming to many people, we have decided to use different marketing strategies to overcome any credibility issues that may occur. Therefore, we have designed four unique programs that will be used to overcome any and all credibility issues.

The first one we are announcing will be the Avazoo Influencer Program, followed immediately with our Avazoo Ambassador Program. These promotional programs are designed to share information about Avazoo and the Billion Dollar Raffle with their direct network of friends and family. By doing so, they will be rewarded with a Free ticket into the raffle. Please click on links below to find out if you would like to participate in one of our promotional programs.

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